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Sons behaviour etc...

Forgot to say his diet is good. We live on a whole food and organic diet. Sure, he does have sweets sometimes, maybe 1/2 pack smarties twice per week. He prefers to snack on fruit. He has never had carbonated drinks, preferring water or apple juice.He eats lots of raw veg, even raw broccoli! (some mums I know would love that!)I think the problem is purely psychological. He went to nursery 3 days a week ffrom the age of 2 and was fine there in a smaller group. I have asked him why he misbehaves and he tells me he is bored and all the work is for babies or there are too many children and he doesn't like them. I told the teacher but she just dismisses that. Today they had to colour in 3 objects beginning with the letter T. Well to be honest he could have done that six months ago. So I am wondering if he was just bored and he misbehaves just to get attention. The teacher takes him out of the situation when he plays up and lets him do something else but I think that reinforces his behaviour, because he is getting what he wanted - to be taken away from all the other children. He can associate with adults fine and also older children around the age of 8yrs on. Little kids - forget it.

Re: Sons behaviour etc...

I believe from what you are saying that it is obvious your Son is bored because he is very bright and needs a challenge in his schooling. Have you had him tested to see what level he is at in school? Do that, then fight the school system to get them to give him appropriate school work for his level.