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Re: Teen school changing trouble

I think we all know as parents that the more you fight or try to reason with your kids to do what you want, the more they go against it-How would you feel about trying this-and only if you can go through with it, because it's tough stuff-when your son comes home from school, and you're both together, make sure he's around, start a list of what your son needs to do to move to his fathers' house. Make sure you're doing it in an area where he is close by-hopefully he'll ask what you're doing-if not as you get close to the end of your list call him him-say honey, I know u want to move to dads to be by your girlfriedn, he'll start to argue-but u interupr and say no wait, it's good,it's okay. HUH?? from him..and you go on with, now get your suitcase, and we'll start, but lets finish this list of what needs to be done-on that list make sure HE also gets information from the other school even if u have to take him-to see what they offer him-also let him know, once he moves in with dad, he's welcome to come visit you, but he'll have to call ahead in case you have other plans for the weekend or something..LET HIM KNOW U Want him TO BE HAPPY- SOUND CASUAL-My son tried this with me saying it would be better at his dads-he did this once-I turned the car around-he said where we going-home to pack-no sense wasting time-If I have to let you go, I'd rather do it now, and yes, Thank God he didn't mean it-he was thinking he could get me to match his fathers lifestyle.I wasn't even going to try it. NANcy

Re: Teen school changing trouble

Well now my son says that he will run away if don't move to where he wants to go. He has also said that he will just sleep in and not go to school if he cannot go to the school his girlfriend goes to. Please help.