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Re: Help my 5 year old nephew!

Hi Hollie
I am enjoying ths board-and have gotten some advice to help me with some things. Now Ihave a seven yera -old foster son who did the same thing, stopped for a long time, started again-and what I found in common with the starts and stops was CHANGES in his life...SO NOW I'M SUGGESTING if he loves his mom so much to wriet a letter to her an hour before bedtime. This helps with several things-it gets his TOUGHTS out and on paper, yes even if someone has to sit and help him-he'll talk it out way before the bedtime-and the writing exercise should tire him a bit. On ething I also did was tell him (my foster son) it's okay to cry, and he's ten, but go do it in your room, I have to close my door to sleep-and yes, I know it's hard with him sharing a room, but homestly I think the wriring mom a letter will help him get some NIGHTTIME THOUGHT OUT OF HIS HEAD-the more we take out of our heads in the day-the better we sleep at night.
Sincerely Nancy

Re: Re: Help my 5 year old nephew!

Thank you so much for the advice. We will try those suggestions. I have a 6 year old daughter and a 3 year old daughter with Downs Syndrome so I think I will really enjoy this site also! Good luck with your foster son, I think it is so incredibly great for you to take in a child who needs someone to love him!