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30 months and wakes 6/8 times a night

Hi, my son is now 30 months ,he has always had trouble sleeping.He use to stay awake for days until he could stay awake no more.Just lately its got worse.He started play school a few weeks ago , was told that this would help him to sleep better (I wish)
Iam so tired and drained, he wakes on avarage 6/8 times a night, 7 days a week. Any advice of comments would be appriceated.


Re: 30 months and wakes 6/8 times a night

poor you! i know how you feel, i have a son who is now 7 mnths old and he does not sleep and i know how bad it can make you feel. we have been going to sleep clinic with him and even that does not help. he will never be good at sleeping.some nights we have had no sleep and some times have to get up anything upto 20 times only for him to then wake for the day a 4.40am. so i know it does not help but there are lots of us out there.... you are not alone.

what do you do with your son when he wakes? there are some things you can try like control crying ect... i would be happy to go through them with you if you like? is there anyone who could take your son for a night so you can have a rest? i know what your thinking!!!! you wouldnt wish anyone to be up all night with him..... some one close to you wont mind losing one nights sleep so you can catch up... and it will make you feel better.