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Do you let your child sleep in your bed?

I have noticed here in western culture we find it to be a very bad thing to let children sleep in the parents’ bed. Why exactly is this such a bad thing?
I did NOT sleep in my parents bed, but my younger sister did up to Jr. High (Really) my mom became a single mother while she was still quite young and it just became their way.

Now I myself am also a single mother for most of my child’s life and I don’t mind her sleeping with mom, and she feels more comfortable in my (single mom) bed than in her own, and she is 9 yo. Sometimes she will sleep in her own bed, if she has a little cousin over or something but the majority of time she is in moms’ bed.

What is our society saying will be the problem with the child that does this? Please Keep in mind that this is purely maternal and nothing sick or sexual and even if she was a boy I wouldn’t mind, I think when she gets a little older and maybe starts puberty she may not want to do this any longer and I am perfectly happy with letting her decide she wants to go back to her own bed for good when ever she is ready!
Do you think I should change?

Re: Do you let your child sleep in your bed?

I don't think you should change, My daughter does the same thing. Most of the time she starts out in her own bed but then wakes up in the night and climbs in with me. She is five, but I don't see a problem with any age, as long as it's just parent and child.

Re: Do you let your child sleep in your bed...No matter how old?

Just wanted to add...that I wasnt only talking about babies and tottlers...My child is 9

Re: sleep in your bed..I see nothing wrong with it

I know what you mean, In the context you put it, I dont see anything wrong with it, my first child slept with me for the longest and it was not tuff on her when she started sleeping in her own bed. ANd she is developmentally sound. I think over here in the western worl we are so blessed with three and four bedroom homes that it is only natural to use them...other countries live in one room habitats and all the children sleep together with parents, and they arent harmed by it, I think the doctors in the western civilization just base ideas on Ideals, and would call those other countries less civil than us.

Re: Re: sleep in your bed..I see nothing wrong with it

I feel parents and childeren need thier space.ITs ok to take napes together but to sleep over night together is hard. I am marreid, My husband was starting work at 4am and my to kids(4&5 years old) would wake up and I would let them come in to bed with me.But When thier Dad did not have to go to work. we had a problem because we did not let them on our bed.They would cry.We had a talk with them saying that they are not to come in to our bed again. I was sad.over all I know I was doing the best for us besause I did not want them to feel not wanted or pushing them away for some one else.

Re: Re: Re: sleep in your bed..I see nothing wrong with it

KLS I am new to the computer and did not mean to push the mad face just to let you know. Sorry