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4 Year Old Rude and Threatening

My son has just turned 4, and since starting school last September, we have had one series of problems after another.

It started with his violent behavior towards the other children and teachers, which thankfully he seems to be in control of, with just the occasional outburst.

Now he keeps calling everone 'stupid' and threatening to 'hurt' or 'smack' them and that they will be 'taken away by aliens'????

Although he is keeping his hands to himself, he is still using the threat of violence to try and get his own way.

We use timeouts at home and never smack him if he is naughty because that would just defeat the object.

I have tried reasoning with him, but I just don't think he even listens.

Could anyone suggest anything practical that might help him to break this habbit of behavior.


Re: 4 Year Old Rude and Threatening

would look at his diet. Low sugar and cut out as many preservatives as possible. A poor diet can send some kids feral. A great Australian site is In Australia there is particularly bad preservative called 282 here which is an anti mould preservative found in breads, refridgerated pasta, cakes etc. I cut this out of my daughter's diet and after a week the improvement in her behaviour was amazing. It doesn't work for every child but certainly worth a try.

Good luck and hope this helps.

Re: Re: 4 Year Old Rude and Threatening

Thanks Petal :D

I got called in to see his teacher this morning and she thinks there might be something serious wrong - I'm guessing at a form of ADHD or Autisum as she has requested that he be sent for a referal through the school.

I'm a little shocked, but I'm glad that something is being done, and if he does have a problem then hopefully we will be able to tackle it once we know what 'it' is.

Thanks again for your help and advice.

Leeann x