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At my wits end!!! soon to be 7 yr old daughter is pushing me to the limits! I make a point of praising her good behavior do special things with her and make sure to tell her it's for being a good girl. I try to ignore and/or correct her bad behavior (being disruptive, being rude) I discipline her really negative behavior (lying, stealing) with time outs or extra chores and loss of privileges.

But it just seems its getting worse rather than better! And I find I'm getting angrier and angrier and quite frankly, am getting rather frightened at how mad she is getting me.

I'm a single parent and it has always just been her and I so we have always been close. I don't know what has happened but suddenly she is acting like a cross between a 2yr old and a 13 yr minute she acts just like a 2 yr old and the next she's acting like a contrary adolescent.

When I try to talk with her about why is she behaving so negatively, she says her brain tells her to.

Is this a normal phase? Is anyone else familiar with this and how does a parent get thru this?

Thanks :)

Re: At my wits end!!!

at my wits end too also with a 7 year old who also says her brain tells her too. cant offer any advice sorry. wish i could.
I have always though had a constant batt;e of wills my eldest 7 has frequent tantrums and behaves different to lots of other 7 year olds
big hug to you

Re: At my wits end!!!

Hi Kellie
I have worked in mental health for nine years-I know thats a bad way to start this, but the first red flag that went off tome was-YOUR DAUGHTER IS TELLING YOU 'MY BRAING IS TELLING ME", so yes, I would first talk to your medical doctor, or which ever means of health care you use, and go from there. In the mean time, could you put up a colorful chart with her name, your name, and one with both your names, all on one chart. Write the seven days week-and the hours. I have THREE FOSTER SONS-one went through excatly what you're saying about your daughter. He did cahnge in three months. In what ever blocks you choose write in mom's time to read, and next to that put your daughters time to color or design buildings with pencil-give her assignments age appropriate, such as make drawings which she is able to do .AND after you are both done,put a chcek-show her how LIFE WORKS-In another box write time for Mom and daughter to make a menu for the week-and make a grocery list from that menu. Include thinsg that will also change her eating habits if she has any negative one-such as BERRY shakes-made simply iwth a banana, berries of any kind and yogurt-and comtinue with that, even with chores for the both of you-bedroom cleaning-she can show off to you and you her, ask her to help you, and can you help her. Time, patience,love, and physical and emotional care. NAncy