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Re: fidgeting child in class

I am a teacher and I used to be driven mad by fidgeting children. Then I had a fidgeting son. It transpired he has dyspraxia (very messy hand writing very poor co-ordination etc). The fidgeting is part of that. It can also be parts of other "issues" ( I know children with Tourettes, ADHD, aspergers all who fidget). My son fidgets to get sensory feed back in order to get stability when sitting still. The last thing a child like that needs is to miss "active times " like PE etc. My son needed extra stimulation... to have something in his pocket to fiddle with, or to sit against a wall when "sitting on the carpet". He was allowed a drinks cup at the table to chew the lid ( otherwise he chewed his jumper). Look up sensory integration dysfunction on the internet and see if that sounds like your daugheter. Go to speak to her teacher. I have discovered nearly all fidgeters can't help it and the last thing they need is a teacher on their backs. With my son he often calmed down when he'd had enough sensory stimulation ( ie after PE or music or playtime). So missing these things could be counter-productive. If handwriting is a big issue look up dyspraxia and see if any of that rings a bell. Look at diet too ... that can make a difference... I have seen children come to school with a bottle of coke and a mars bar for breakfast . That obviously doesn't help them settle. I do now try to ignore the real fidgeters and not make their life any worse.