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So Many problems

My son,3, has been giving me so many problems. I feel like I'm playing the lottery whenever I leave the house, as to whether I am going to be embarassed or if I can actually get through the store without a problem. It upsets me because I feel like I'm doing something wrong. He talks back to me when I correct him. He throws screaming fits when I try to discipline him. He even talks back to me when I am trying to correct him. But, then there are those days that make me feel horrible for thinking of him as bad. He is very smart, and I even caught him playing on the computer(Nick by himself when I stepped away to get us a snack, I was shocked to see him controlling the mouse by himself. If he can comprehend a computer, why can't he listen to me?

Re: So Many problems

I think we have to be more consistent with children using today’s "new parenting" I used to have the same problem with my daughter at a 3 or 4 yrs. old ....I think the little buggers learn that while shopping they have card blanche to do what they want because mom doesn’t want to be embarrassed...they learn that we wont yell loudly because we don’t want the other mothers to know, how our little ones are misbehaving etc, & the kids pick up on this behavior.

I followed a friends advice who told me she would just leave her, cart and what ever was in it, right were it was. Pick up her child and immediately leave....telling him she was not going to tolerate this behavior "lets go". (she would have to go shopping again but, it worked)

It worked like a charm for me and I was able to have an easier shopping experience, my child was shocked the first time, but learned I had better behave if I want to shop with mommy....Try it.

Re: Re: So Many problems

I agree-I am probably ,much older that the rest of the parenst here, but I did do exactly that when my kids were small, and yes, it works.