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Hyper 3 yr. old

My 3 yr. old son has recently started to give me trouble about going to sleep. He has even stopped listening to me when I try to discipline him throughout the day. I don't want to hit him, and try to discipline him by simply taking things away or making him sit down, but he throws big tantrums, and I fear that his screaming may cause some concern if my neighbors can hear him. What else can I try?

Re: Hyper 3 yr. old

Hi ya,

My son (who will be 3 in April) has just started playing up at bedtime too, must be a phase! The best way I can deal with his tantrums is to walk away and leave him to it. If that doesn't work - I put him in timeout. Which is our hallway. Very boring and nothing there he would hurt himself on. I leave him screaming there for 2 minutes (Which is a long time when you're watching the clock) when I open the door I ask him why he was put in the naughty room he says sorry and then we will play an interesting game or something. Often before the tantrum starts I can usually threaten the naughty room and he'll say sorry and behave.

Maybe worth a try!

Good luck