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head banging

Hi! I have a 25 month old girl and she has started to bang her head on things to the point that she has a huge bruise on her forehead. She only does this when she doesn't get her way and when it is time to go to bed (which has slowed down now). Is this a normal thing for some kids or does she have a problem. The brusing on the head is very disturbing! Any advice is good advice......

Re: head banging

hi,my little girl is 11 months old and she does the same.....when its bed time and im holding her she bangs her head agaisnt me or if in cot she bangs her head on cot bars.....i know a few friends who all shared the same situation,so must be common. oh and also i find arnica is very good for bruising!

Re: head banging

Hi, I'm glad to find that someone else has the same problem! My 14 month old daughter has done this for quite some time, but not during a tantrum. She bangs her head against things just whenever she feels like it! (and she thinks it's funny!). Maybe it's a girl thing as my son never did this when he was little, but I'm hoping that it's something that they'll grow out of.
Hope you feel better knowing you're not the only one!