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20 month-old sleeping with mom & dad

Our 20 month old son is a wonderful child, healthy, happy, a good eater, gentle with his 4 month-old sister, curious, energetic...I can't say enough loving things about him. But since birth, he's never been a good sleeper, not until he started crawling into bed with us. He was always up two to four times a night crying. We would mostly quiet him back to sleep with a bottle or tylenol, if it was a teething problem, or a gentle rub/rocking motion to soothe him back to sleep. As soon as he was able to climb out of his crib at the end of our bed, he would crawl in between us and go to sleep. At first we tried to stop him, but when we discovered that he would sleep through the night without a peep, we instantly got used to the idea.
Some people say it's a bad idea. Is it? If not, until what age can we let this continue?

Re: 20 month-old sleeping with mom & dad

If everyone sleeps better this way, I say enjoy it! Check out what Dr. Sears says about co-sleeping. Your little guy needs to be close to you.