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tearaway twins

oh where to start,
my twin girls are two they are very beautiful and cute,i am having a distressing time with them at the moment,they are totally out of control i feel like they run the house,they will not do anything i say,the biggest problem is the sleeping,i put them to bed at around 6.30pm and they are waking at 4am to mess around and play,i have tried so much to help this problem,i would appreciate any tips or words of support as i am at my witts end.
regards kim.

Re: tearaway twins


My suggestion is to tire them out. Take them outside to put their energy into games involving physical activity (such as ball games or running games) and maybe put them to bed later so that they sleep later in the morning. A lot of sleeping problems in children can come from the children being less inclined to sleep because they aren't tired. Also, more physical activity can settle them down somewhat so that they aren't as reckless. Also, make sure they know who is in charge by having set consequences for disobedience... hopefully, they will soon get the message.

Good luck!

Re: Re: tearaway twins

I think Ditz gave geat advice...poop the little ones out! put them to bed and 1 1/2 hrs later, they will probably sleep easily untill 6am.

Re: Re: Re: tearaway twins

Sadly, I disagree with the two comments left before. I have twin girls, almost two (in May), and what parents of singles sometimes don't understand is that there are two of them, one of you. You're outnumbered. I do, however, agree that you should engage them in constructive play, and let them burn their energy in good ways, but what they are probably lacking is structure. Do they take naps at the same time everyday? Eat lunch the same time each day? If not, start. Up at 7, breakfast, something interactive, lunch, then quiet time or nap, whichever, then more play time, or reading, or coloring, something constructive. Also, after they eat, let them play outside together - burning energy. Then put them to bed at the same time each night. If they're in a crib, put them down, shut the light off, no toys, bottles, etc in crib, shut the door and walk away. If they stay up and chatter, so be it. Twins communicate with each other in ways that single children won't and can't understand. It could be that their chatter is their way of winding down. If it's loud, separate them. Put them in separate cribs, on opposite sides of the room. I put my girls down at 8 pm sharp, everynight. They might chatter for a few minutes, but most nights, they lay down, and go to sleep. THe biggest problem with kids that don't sleep all night is they aren't being given a chance to lull themselves back to sleep before Mommy comes in to quiet them. LEave them be, if they realize that no one is coming, they'll go back to sleep. This aside, if they are sick, poopy, etc. I am not suggesting you be neglectful, in the least. Hope that helps!