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7 yr old who treats parents like friends

Hi - I have a 7 year old daughter who is usually very well behaved, though there are times I feel I need to pull her up on the way she sometimes talks to her parents - with a lot of 'school-yard' attitude which sometimes comes across like the precocious (?) and obnoxious children you see on comedies in television and film (we don't get Lizzie Maquire or Hilary Duff, but it seems these are role models - and she's not been allowed anything Bratz). I'm not sure the best way to handle these situations, but I do ask her (knowing the answer is no) if she talks like this to her teacher. I think its a respect issue, and I feel she pushes my limits too much (I've just had a third baby, which she loves)and this behaviour has begun off and on since she began school. ANy tips on what worked for anyone else?