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10 yr old lying all the time

My husband loves his children, his children live with their mother who hates him. His 10yr old daughter use to be alot of fun during her visits with us. She use to have behavior problems but has done a really good job at getting better. Then all of a sudden over the past 6 months, her behavior has dropped badly, she lies alot and is very mean to her brother. Mom lets her get away with murder and helps her lie about her behavior to her stepfather. She is now refusing to visit her dad because she says he is mean to her, spanks her too much, hits her in the face and treats everyone better than her. When asked if she made these statements to her mother, she would just shrug her shoulders and say I don't know. Her mother says "oh well, if she's lying that's not my problem...its between you and her". But she says she will not encourage her to see her dad because she is old enough to make her own decisions. Any suggestions?

Re: 10 yr old lying all the time

I kinda agree with the mom...she is old enough to decide for herself. As step mom I would stay way out of it! I think at the age of 10 its normal for her to be mean to her sibling, I dont think its right and shouldnt be condoned or excused, and as for the lying, I really think its the age....10 year olds always feel like they are the victm and every one is being unfair to them, even if they are little meanies! It sounds like normal pre-pre-teen things to me.

Re: Re: 10 yr old lying all the time

Lucky you....look at the post I left about me 10 yr old daughter