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toilet training

Okay i'm going crazy, every time i go to put a diaper on my 2 year old she tells me she has to go pee. Oviously she doesn't like having the diaper on so i put underwear on her and she wets them and doesn't care do i put a diaper on her or training pants. Once I do get a diaper on. she takes it off and sits on the potty telling me she has to go pee when she already went. what the hell is going on what do I do.

Help Please deanne

Re: toilet training

She obviously knows the concept of sitting on the toilet when she has the urge. She will get the hang of it eventually. Just hang in there

Re: Re: toilet training

I agree with the previous poster. I am going to hate myself for saying this but when you hit a wall sometimes bribery is the only option. When she gets the toilet right give her a small lolly. Only do this for a few days until it works then wean off the lollies. Please don't jump on me everyone, it is just when all else fails