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I could do with some help. My 5 yr old is in Yr 1. In school he is fine but we have AWFUL problems getting him there. He says he hates it and refuses to go. His behaviour, which is generally fantastic, spirals out of control and last night he punched me. Sunday nights are bad getting him to sleep as he knows that means its nearly time for school. He had a few problems crying in the mornings last year and in Nursery, but NOTHING like it's been this year. His teachers say hes happy, well behaved and popular.I don't know whats causing this as generally he's happy and well. I also don't know what to do!!!! Bribery doesn't work, sticker charts etc make more of an issue of it and he can't deal with it. The school have now suggested getting my GP to refer us to a behaviourist! That to us is a total last resort but if needs must.... Anyone been through similar...any ideas would be soooooo welcome! Thanks.


Most kids don't freak about about things for no reason. What does he say when you ask what it is he doesn't like about school? Maybe there is something going on that the teacher is not noticing. A bully, maybe?


Spoke to his teacher AGAIN last night and she said he's not working or paying attention in class, this was a new one on me at open night last term they'd said he was a 'little distractable', in previous years and at the start of this one the teachers have commented on just how well he listens. He says he hates the work and being in class and thatit's nothing to do with the other children. His teacher reiterated that he's popular. In the past I've worked with his teachers to conquer his clingines, this year his teachers (they job share) have thrown it back to us and said he's playing us up and it's all for our benefit! Surely if he's now detaching himself in class it's school's problem??????? HELP!!!!!!


Not all learning styles fit every child. It could be that he needs a different approach to learning. Sometimes just changing teachers can help. Ask him what specific types of work he doesn't like to do. Maybe doing worksheet after worksheet bores him and he would be better off with more hands on/visual styles of teaching. I hope you can find a teacher who can engage him and make him want to learn.


Hi Liz! Thanks for replying. I spoke to his teachers at length yesterday and have spoken to my son, he doesn't like writing!!!! He doesn't feel he can do it. We have all assured him he CAN! We are doing a reward chart at home, with the focus away from school and school are doing a similar one there, whilst trying to ensure he achieves over the next couple of weeks...we'll see how it goes. Thank you for your interest and help. Your last post was spot on! Ailsa