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Obsessive behaviour

I'm concerned about my daughter who is 4 next month. Over the last year she has become more and more obsessive about being dressed. The seam line on her socks have to be exactly straight and if they aren't she kicks them off in a rage, if we don't put her coat on befor her scarf she goes off on one. If we accidently pull her pants up for her she kicks off, pulling them down and then up again. She can't stand any tags/seams etc. touching her skin or she flys off the handle saying they are itching her and has actually asked me to cut cuffs off one of her tops!! She has also started ensuring her placemat is lined up with the edge of the table. Getting her dressed can take forever. I now have a 8 week old baby and altho' her behaviour hasn't worsened (her temper has tho!), I can't take all this time in the morning to get her ready for nursery. Is this normal?


Re: Obsessive behaviour

im not sure if its normal, i would keep a close eye on it. my son was a bit like it when he was small, hes now 7. he would line up his clothes, would only get in the bath if there was the right amount of toys in the bath, all his cars had to be kept in lines of 6 ( same number of bath toys) also his food had to be put on his plate so nothing was touching anything else or he would not eat! he also had a thing about touching some types of food and didnt like getting dirt on his hands, he spent lots of time washing them.
he also wouldnt get his shoes dirty would not jump in puddles and would freek out if he did yet dirty. i tried not to make a big deal of it if he did freek out i just tried to let him see that it is ok and nothing bad would happen to him if he did get dirty. all this started when he was about 18 mths old and he is still a bit funny about some things like puddles!! but i am please to say that as a rule he is a very normal grubby boy, its a real fight to get him in the bath most nights!!!!! try not to worry too much keep a close eye and dont let it get to out of hand without making a big deal.

hope it helps