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Re: I need someone's help!?!?!

It could be he is needing more food during the day or a larger bottle at night as he may be hungry. Babies wake for a variety of reasons and you can check these by ruling them out one at a time until you have found the answer.

1. He needs more food/milk during the day ~ as he is growing.
2. He has a dirty/soiled nappy.
3. He is too cold or too warm.
4. He has dropped his soother or lost his comforter.
5. He is having a bad dream (even babies this young can have bad dreams.
6. Has he got colic?
7. Finally he may simply want to be cuddled by you ~ does he stop crying as soon as you go in to his room or approach his cot? If this is the case then he is most proably wanting your attention, try the controlled crying technique. Check out all the above, then put him down and leave the room. Let him cry for 5 mins, go back in but do not pick him up, say night night and leave again, give him 10 mins and if he is still crying repeat the same procedure gradually extending the crying time. He will eventually fall off to sleep and will not be any the wiser the next day. (Whole procedure may take a week or two but he will learn in the end). Good luck.

Re: Re: I need someone's help!?!?!

It could also be that he's teething - my son and daughter did the same when they were teething - it is tiring, but doesn't last.