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child problem

I am facing a unique problem with my seven year old child since last six months. He is very intelligent & sharp & gets all correct mostly when he does work but even after repeated telling, he is not doing his classwork. All subject copies are incomplete everyday. I have tried all sorts of ways of counselling, also end him beating up , take him out of the house, etc etc but in vain ,next day the same happens.He is not writing anything. His class teacher says he participates in class events , quiz etc putting his hands up, listens to what she says, but while doing classwork, just whiles out time talking or playing but don'y do it. She asks to do,scolds,but no way is helping out.He now tries to conceal his incomplete copies in drawers, beds ,almiras etc

any help would be greatly appretiated.

Re: child problem

You say your child is a clever boy. Is there any possibility that he is not challenged enough and is bored. I suggest get his IQ tested so that you know for sure this cld be the reason.

The other reason cld be he is just being if he does not do the work make sure you take 5 copies of the same paper and make him do that. All the best.