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tantrums, crying and whining

My son is almost 18 months old, he started day care for the first time two weeks ago. He has never been left with any one but myself or my partner and occasionally for a couple of hours with my parents. Most of the time he cries when I leave him at day care. The day care tells me he only cries for 5 to 15 minutes then is fine the rest of the day. Sending him to daycare has been extremely difficult for me. Now I am concerned about his behavior at home. He is not sleeping well. Of course he didnt sleep great before he started day care. He is very whiny and cries for what seems like no reason. At times he is unconsolable. He speaks only a few words, but understands a lot. However, he just says no to anything we suggest. His behavior has me completely frustrated. Before day care, he rarely had tantrums. He was always very pleasant and sweet. I dont know how to communicate effectively with him, and I hate that his personality has changed so much.

Anyone have any advice?

Re: tantrums, crying and whining

TANTRUMS-put him to sit in a spot that you can use consistently. Tell him that he cannot come out until he puts his tears or tempers away. Show him appropriate ways handle his emotions(deep breaths,say I'm angry). CRYING & WHINING-you have to realize that he needs time to adjust.Talk to other parents who use the daycare if they had similar problems. "The Kissing Hand" is a children's book on this situation. Let him take something special from home to daycare.Buy children's books about daycare and read them to him. Talk about daycare and all the positive things.