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2 1/2 year old tantrums

My best friend has a wonderful little boy. However, his behavior seems somewhat out of control lately. He has been refusing to cooperate at these times: time to leave family/friends houses, getting his diaper changed, and getting dressed. He tries to run away first and then when you try to pick him up to get his coat on or whatever he starts to hit, scream, and (once) bite. His mom has set the timer for him and always gives him plenty of warning about what is going to happen next. The question is how to handle the situation when you can't just let him be to cool off and throw a tantrum. It's time to go, you've given plenty of warning, and he's arching his back, crying, screaming and hitting, not wanting to go. What do you do?

Re: 2 1/2 year old tantrums

Sorry it is just a stage so no real advice, he is just testing the limits. Keep as calm as possible and just do all the things you have to do and try to ignore the tantrum as much as you can. Most of all don't give in to his demands.

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