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keeping contact

my daughter lives with her dad. she will be 11 next month. i would love to keep contact with her, know what she is doing . my ex-husband doesn't like me much our split was not a happy one i don't know where to turn to for help can any one help

Re: keeping contact

Well I don't know where you are but just because your ex doesn't like you it is not a reason for you to denied contact with your daughter. Certainly not in this country. Get some legal advice if he won't be reasonable about it as your daughter has a right to have a relationship with you.

Re: keeping contact

Do all you can to keep in close contact with her....dont get compfortable in living life with out her...your the adult so its up to you to make sure you are around regularly.

Call her daily..go to all her school programs...teacher/parent meetings, sporting events, keep up with her grades and dont break any meetings with her, makes dates with her that she can count on.
Dont become a novelty.