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Please Help

My husband I are trying to adopt our two, possibly three nephews. They are currently in foster care after being taken from their mother more than a year ago. The oldest one is the one I am writing about. Him and his brother Alex witnessed their mother engaging in acts with other people(men), or in otherwards saw her having sex with a strange man. Xavier is the oldest and I think he is trying to re-enact what he saw his mother doing. He has tried to "touch" his brother Alex in places that are not appropriate. Their case manages and their therapists are first going to try to approach it by teaching him the "Good Touch, Bad Touch". His mother nor his grandmother, who they lived with for about 7 years, never ever taught them about that. If their approach to this behavior doesn't work, what should we do?
adrianne hathaway

Re: Please Help

As the boys are under the guidance of therapists and case managers then I would strongly advise you stick with the advice given by them, if this therapy does not work then return and ask for further help. They are experts in this field and as they will have access to all background information regarding the boys they are in the best position to help you. Good luck.