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silent isolation when challenged

My partners 6 year old daughter has real problems with being challenged about behaviour. Even the lightest challenge sends her off into silent withdrawal. For example; Playing in the park the other day she suggested a game of tag, she was carrying a twig from a tree which she tagged her mother with by hitting her on the back. Her mothers response was to quietly but firmly tell her not to hit her with the stick because it hurt, no raised voice, no negative tone. In typical form she stomped off to the corner of the playground and sat down. I attempted to retrieve her, reiterating her mothers message that the stick probably wasn't a good idea but lets play on. I was unable to even get the first words out of my mouth before she squealed "No" and hid her face, making it impossible to communicate with her.
Any suggestions??

Re: silent isolation when challenged

i would leave her to get over it on her own if no one goes over she will come round in time i think its normal.

Re: Re: silent isolation when challenged

I agree with debbie, this is a form of tantrum (albeit silent) and she is testing you. She is ignoring you so I would suggest you do the same to her, carry on playing, talking, walking, (whatever you were doing) and DO NOT try and cajole her out of it, it will not be long before she realises no one is interested and that only she is missing out! When she does eventually come out of it, do not say anything to her and carry on as if nothing had happened. Good luck