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Re: 25 month olds wakes up for anywhere from 2-5 bottles a night

after 9-10 mths there is no need for a baby to be taking night feeds they dont need it!! i would say that it is no more than a habbit, when your child wakes dont give milk give water your child will get the message that its not worth waking for water.
if you still cant stop the waking for water try control crying settle baby and leave go back after 5 mins settle again then leave 10 mins before going back in keep adding untill child is sleeping try not to talk to child as this lets them know the diffrence between day and night! i have used control crying and it works very well the first 2 or 3 nights can be hard but stick with it. i know how hard it can be lack of sleep is so hard some nights we where only getting 1-2 hours of sleep but now baby sleeps all night he might wake 1-2 times but is back to sleep within 5 mins.