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Re: Accident Prone

Please don't embarass your child in this way. I don't know how old your child is but she is quite possibly already embarrassed by it. My son does have a small bladder. He is now 9 and it is only very rarely that he now wets himself ... but it still does happen maybe because he is leaving it too late, but he is embarrassed by it and doesn't do it on purpose. I know some younger children can wet themselves for a reaction but if you give them the attention then they will do it even more. I have managed by ensuring he goes to toilet frequently and restricting drinks when access to toilets will be difficult, like on a long journey ... just give lots of fluids when he gets there. It is now only once a year we have an accident.

Re: Re: Accident Prone

Well, she's 10. The reason I'm so mad is because she doesn't seem embarassed. She doesn't even seem to care anymore! I was shopping in Walmart the other day, and she just walked right up to me, and said "Mommy I peed myself." When I lifted up her dress her panties were soaked, and I found a huge puddle on the floor. I went an apologized to the manager, I was so upset.
I think making her wear baby diapers, and making sure they are seen in public will at least make her worry about her wetting from now on, and care.

Make her clean up when she wets her pants

If she wets herself in a shop again why not make her apologise to the manager, rather than doing it yourself. Not many 10 year olds would enjoy telling a complete stranger 'sorry, I've just wet my pants in your store.' You could also make her ask the manager for a mop so she can clean up the puddle she has made.

You say you are tired of cleaning her up. At the age of 10 she should be able to clean herself up as well as washing out her own clothes and anything else she has peed on such as the couch or carpet. If she has to wash the carpet everytime she wets herself she may think twice about doing it.

Re: Accident Prone

I still don't think diapers are going to be the answer. I am sure you have tried talking to her about why it's happening. If she isn't embarassed at 10 then she must be doing it to get to you or annoy you. If there is no medical reason why this is happening she is either really embarassed and pretending she isn't or she is doing it for attention. Putting her in diapers either embarasses her further or gives her the attention she wants.

Re: Accident Prone...I would not embarass her any further

Mommy Kate, I have not read the other responses, yet… but one thing I would guess is that your 10 year old feels terrible about this issue. It may be a small bladder it may be an over active bladder or perhaps a problem with her urgency mechanism that we all have that tells us we have to go isn’t working properly?

There HAS to be a reason behind it beyond her control. I would not embarrass her any further than wetting herself already does, I would get a second opinion from another GP. You have to imagine how she feels at 10 years old every time this happens. I would urge to continue being patient and hope that it works itself out, but if by the age of ten this has never stopped It HAS to be medical, wouldn’t you say?

Re: Re: Accident Prone...I would not embarass her any further

After reading the other post, I have to say I still feel the same, I think she approaches you in this manner of not caring due to shame and guilt, not all children cry and become un-nerved.

They do make diaper type undies for older children. I would allow her to wear them to the shops and to school.

Is your daughter standard when it comes to schooling? has she ever wet her self at school, in front of the other children?

I feel terrible for her. I would keep being patient with her without drawing too much attention and still ignore it as much as possible,when ever possible.