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my 9 year old has no friends

Hello, my 9 year old daughter does not have any friends and it makes me very sad for her. She is a wonderful girl. She is very kind hearted. But she is overweight. She is continuously bullied at school for this. She is not badly over weight but she is way bigger than her classmates. All she wants is a friend.
Everyday it is the same battle, she does not want to go to school. She tells her teachers what is happening but it is the same thing they try to get to the root of the problem and they are telling me that she is creating alot of itherself. Trying to get attention whether it be negative or positive. I am at my wits ends. If someone has any advice that i have not thought of please let me know . Thank u very much.

Re: my 9 year old has no friends

why not try an after school club help her try and find an intrest that way she will find children she has some thing in common with, as for the being bullied we all know how nasty children can be to eachother. if i was you i would go into school and make them sort it out, its very easy for schools to say the child isnt helping but thats crap!if your daughter is being bullied it needs to be stopped dont let the school turn it round on her! it could do her real damage. maybe it would help your daughter to look at what she is eating? you could start doing some things together to help her lose some weight swimming, bike riding or maybe long walks at the week end apart from the weight loss it might help her feel more possitive about herself.

Re: Re: my 9 year old has no friends

Thank you for ur reply. WE live in a very small town where there are not many kids. WE do go for walks and do different things to help her lose the weight but so far nothing is helping. She is very willing to try different things to lose the weight which is heart breaking because she is only 9 and she shouldn't have to worry about stuff like that. I am worried that she will have a nervous breakdown yet. I mean how much can one girl take? I have been to the school several times about these bullies I have talked to the parents of these girls also. But it is always the same result. THese parents think that just because my daughter is bigger than their kids that what my daughter is telling us is crap. That is very frustrating for me as a parent.

Re: my 9 year old has no friends

why not speak to the teacher and see who she sits next to at school and invite them round for tea. if thay get on well try taking them both to burgerking. i know it feels like you are trying to buy a friend but wouldn't be nice to see your dayghter with a friend . i had a similar problem with my son he was always small but when he had a friend over he could really be himself we had one friend to start and then went for two and in the summer we had a garden party for him and 5 friends he relly enjoyed this and cos he was on homeground with me and dad watching he stuck up for himsekf if the friends started to mock hope this helps