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Bottle weaning at 2 1/2 years!!

I am having so much trouble trying to wean my daughter who will be 3 in April off her nightime bottle. She drinks from a beaker or cup all day but will not settle to sleep without her bottle of milk.

I have tried everything from saying goodbye to the bottle for the fairies to even resorting to bribing but she will scream and cry for hours until I give up and give in to her. I am desperate for some tips to help me get rid of the nightime bottle!!!

Re: Bottle weaning at 2 1/2 years!!

dont worry about it is my advice children give up bottles when they are ready i tried getting my eldest son to give up his bottle and had the same problem so i gave in ,every night i offered night milk in a beaker and told him big boys drink from them but let him have milk in bottle if he wanted it. one day he just took the beaker and never asked for bottle again. try not to rush her she will give it up in her own time.