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Re: Children and respect

My oldest son is four and he has no respect for us, other adults or his teachers. I don't believe that I have drastically brough him up in a particularly different way from the way my parents brought me up and have tried to instill the morals I was brought up with. he does not like being told what to do as most 4 year olds don't but he will spit shout at and be rude not only to me but to other adults outside the home. We don't tolerate it at home and he is always told off or punished but he continues to behave like this in and out of the house. When i was a kid i was in awe of other adults always spoke to them with respect and would never have dared be rude or spit. if you can find out why this is the case i would love to hear from you

Re: Re: Children and respect

I totally agree. I have 4 kids and they disrespect our home, the things in it along with theif father and I though more so me. I am a stay at home home mom and was brought up by a single dad who was very strict. I wuold never in a million years dreamed of speaking to him the way my children speak to us. Its not because we allow it or tolerate it in any way but I think if you ask most parents now a days, they are afraid to be a parent for fear that any form of punishment other than a "time out" will be view as abuse and our kids will be taken away. Kids now a days are taught that you can always get what you want becuase your parents cant really do anything to you and if they try to, they will call child services and shout child abuse. Perfect example;
Last week, i was talking with my 12 year old son and I was explaining to him that he needed to bring his grades up because they were completely unacceptable. He would either stay after school and get extra help, or make up any missing work, or I would sit down with him every night if thats what it took and do each and every problem with him. He started yelling at me and telling me that he wasnt staying after for any reason and that he didnt care what I said. So I in turn said, we'll see what your father has to say about this. Now mind you, he has NEVER been spanked by my husband and never would be, never anything of any kind. He's only been grounded. My son turns around to me and says, yeah, well, if dad does anything I will call the child abuse hot line. Can you believe that??????? I was soooo angry I couldve spit fire!!!! But this is what they are being taught and it is seriously comprimising our authourity as parents. We are too afraid to do anything anymore. What are we suppose to do?

Re: Re: Re: Children and respect

I would have called his bluff. We cannot be manipulated/controlled by the kids...or they will be very childish with their percieved power.