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5 and 7 year old tantrums

I have two children a boy 5 and a girl 7, they can't agree to disagree and this often ends in blows.
I have tried seperating them and trying to keep them apart but seldom works. They sneak out of the house in the mornings and are always getting into something and I wouldn't mind so much but we live on a farm and they scale fences and also the roof to find fun. They have everything that they need and I can't understand what the attraction outside is that they need to go out at 5.30am in the morning.

I am affraid that I am going to go outside in the morning one day and find my children have been bitten by a snake or have been trampled by my horses, we have taken every precausion possible that the horses will not hurt the kids, but if they jump the fence and go out there it is out of my control.

We have tried locks on the doors and windows but they have always managed to get out somehow.

Can anyone suggest anything as my husband and I are at our witts end trying to make this a home and not a prison.

Re: 5 and 7 year old tantrums

You need to install an alarm on your house so when the door opens the alarm goes off. Until then, sit them down and explain that the next time they leave the house without permission they will help clean the stalls the entire next day!! You and your husband need to show them who is boss and make their life a living hell when they do something crazy like that. They are old enough to know better!