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Two year old won't climb stairs

We have an otherwise very capable 2 year old (2 and 4 months) who has been walking since he was 11months. We live, unfortunately, in a third floor flat with no elevator. My son is heavy, and I am often loaded with groceries or bags. We are hoping soon to be pregnant again, and then I really can't manage to carry him all the time.

The daily battles to cajole him into walking up the stairs are horrendous. If in the mood, he is fully capable of getting up the stairs, even without my help. I often do help him by holding one or both hands and chatting happily about what a great stair climber he is. But more often than not, he plonks himself down, wails and insists on being carried. If I give in, and do this, won't we have to do it all the time? But when I stand firm, we must have spent 30 minutes in the stairwell, serenading our neighbours with his screaming and crying. HELLLLLLPPPPPP!!! All suggestions weclome!

Re: Two year old won't climb stairs

a simple solution if he is being stubborn and refusing to climb the stairs would be to walk on without him. he will probably cry and wail but if he realises you are serious about walking off without him his fear of being left alone will probably outweigh the desire not to walk, and he will follow you. it will probably take a few tries to convince him that you wont carry him anymore but it would be worth it if you are planning another baby as you will certainly have your hands full then!