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lack of friends

hi, my daughter is 8 years old. The problem she has is that, although she makes lot of friends, they do not want to play with her after a couple of days. This has been a pattern for a long time. Now she is very upset and says that she does not have any friends in school and spends most of the free time alone. She is above average in her studies, looks good, well behaved and is generally cheerful. She longs for friends and although me and my husband talk to her and tell her to give time to each friendship, she needs friends of her own age to talk to. I want to know if there is anything wrong in her behaviour or is she expecting too much from her friends that they move away, if so, how do i change her and make her understand?

Re: lack of friends

poor little thing its a real shame she has no bestfriends to play with and children really can be very nasty when they want to. maybe she is just trying to hard! could you speak to a mother atschool maybe and try and set her up with a friend? try and watch how she plays is there anything you can see that maybe the cause? in the end all you can do is keep asking her if she wants some one to come and play im sure she will find a true friend in the end.

Re: Re: lack of friends

Thank you. I met the teacher and she too finds nothing wrong with my daughter. I plan to invite a couple of her school mates over during this weekend and see how things work out. Hoping for the best.

Re: Re: Re: lack of friends

good luck hope it all goes well for you all!!