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shy or anti-social

My 3-year-old son is definitely exhibiting shy tendencies, but how do I know if it's antisocial behavior, which would require more extreme intervention? I recently enrolled him in a preschool sports group to help him get more interaction with other kids and he won't participate or he wants me right there with him. Worse, he behaves well at home, but he is so shy??? that he won't even look at the coach so he doesn't hear him and therefore doesn't do what he's told. Where would I take him to figure out if this is regular shyness, and, in the meantime, should I continue making him participate in the activities?

Re: shy or anti-social

my daughter is 4 and shows the smae signs . she is very confident in familiar surroundings but can become very 'naughty' when going into 'new situations including going back to nursery after holidays. i have found if i explain to her new situations and offer her plenty praise that this helps but does not eradicate the shyness.

Re: shy or anti-social

You son is sooo normal. I worried just like you when my son was so shy he would hide behind my legs when his own grandparents came over!! I was told by a friend that kindergarten would open him up. I waited and now he's in first grade, class clown and gets sent home with notes saying he won't shut up and sit down! I think he's making up for all the years of hiding!! Try to be patient and if he's 7 and still super shy you could try something with him. I really wouldn't worry and tell people not to focus on his shyness, that seems to kids even more self concious.