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Keeping kids off innappropriate web content

We've become aware that some kids (my neignbor insinuated MY child) talked about a "bad" website on the playground at school, and her daughter went home, typed it into her home computer, and viewed it. She freaked out (the mom) and is horribly upset her child has viewed this.
NO KIDDING - the stuff you can innocently navigate to in about two clicks is shocking, and can't be UNSEEN once seen by either adult or child, if you know what I mean. It's disgusting how explicit the portal pages are!
We are talking about 4th graders here. They use the computer for work at school, and they play games too. We have Net Nanny and they did, also, but this one site got through it.
How do you control this? Now it seems we need a "policy" for both home compyuter usage and certainly for use by visiting kids (another place where we've had problems).
I'm just looking for suggestions and ideas from the floor here, short of chucking the entire computer into the trash.
THANKS smarta

Re: Keeping kids off innappropriate web content

dont leave your child alone on pc, sit with them the whole time they are on line. its only thing i cant think is fool proof!!