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constipation: son does not do poo and refuses to drink - HELP!!!

Does anyone have a tip for me? Josiah, nearly 4, has had a soiling problem since he was about 2 years old, I thought it was diarrhoeanad his GP and health visistor always tried to talk me down that it is either cows milk allergy which it isn't or will resolve itselv. His doc did not even touch his tummy and when I asked her to do so she did it with him fully clothes and standing up. Anyway, that went on with me running for help until we moved to Scotland last May where his new GP - wonderful person - said he was severely constipated since over 2 years and that the soiling was just an overflow. He got suppositories and medication to clear the blockage and fine it was, no more soiling. BUT:
Of cause going to the toilet was extremely painful, his stools were extremely enlarged, it bled several times because the stoll was so big and Josiah has developed fear of passing stools.
So he just refuses. He is still on Movicol which helped but even that, my last hope, is not working anymore. He needs supositories all the time. I do not want to give them, our GP is against them too, but thats the only way can make Josiah go when he has not been some weeks.
He accepts all discomfort, bloating, tiredness without complaint as long as I don't make him go to th toilet. I have tried everything from rewards, star charts, shouting, completly leaving him to do his own thing - nothing works. Now is is even refusing to drink and just asks for a drink and does only take a sip and thats it. Thats not enough to help his constipation. His nutrition has changed now too. From a fruit and veg lover he is now onto hardly anything, just some biscuits, toast and chicken
His GP has tried various homeopathic remedies, I tried some, I tried flower remedies, no success so far. Aconitum, a homeopathic remedy against trauma and shock helped once, but not the second time round. I have been to a spiritual healer with him, we have done cranio sacral therapy.
I think it is all in his mind because he has jsut had these extreme pains and he fears the pain. So I tried to get our GP to refer him to a psychologist, but that he refuses and says we have to get his bowels moving first before we should think about theses things.
But how can I get his bowels moving if it is a psychological problem ???????? Please help.
I bought a great book: Rita Sparks, Stress-busting for children
That contains hypnotherapeutic stories for children. Josiah loves doing the "Magic stories" but no success with his bowels so far.
Just as an add on: I had the same problem as a child and still suffer severely from candida because of that - and thats why I am sooooo desperate to prevent my son ending up having severe problems later in his life.

Any help, tips, advice whatever will be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Annette

Re: constipation: son does not do poo and refuses to drink - HELP!!!

i dont know if this will help but you could give it a try
very very dark brown sugar in boiled water might help to get him moving my son had problems going some times not for 3 or 4 days and it helped him. sounds like your son has had such a hard time poor little chap i think you are doing everything you can and it must be such a worry for you maybe he needs to talk to some one to help him get over his fear.