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Bed Time

I have a 3 and 5 year old. They go to bed at 8:30. Up until 2 weeks ago my daughter (3 yrs old) went to bed with no trouble. Now she doesn't fall asleep until around 12am. We make her stay in her room and her bed but she gets up and plays in her room and roams around the hallways. It is very frustrating because we (her step father and I) need some quiet alone time and I am afraid that when we fall asleep something might happen to her if she is still awake. So all night long I get up and check on her because I am afraid. I am exhausted and don't know why she is doing this. Her 5 year old brother goes right to sleep. They have very consistent schedules, my husband thinks she shoulnd't take a nap anymore, but the school gives manditory naps. What can I do to fix this?

Re: Bed Time

Hi I am by far not a pro at this but my child stays up to often also unless she is worn out from the days events. ;-)

Re: Bed Time

try putting her to bed early i know it sounds mad but maybe she is over tired and thats why she cant sleep.
good luck

Re: Re: Bed Time

Hi Nikki,
I strongly agree with Debbie. I had the same problem with my son for a very long time. Since I have started taking him to bed latest 7 pm with halve an hour story time so that he goes to sleep latest 7:30 he is fine. If I am too late, even if he took a nap until 5:30, he won't go to sleep til around midnight, if he is tired or not. If I miss the early bedtime by only few minutes I have ruined my quiet evening and he will be up. It really is a matter of hit or miss.
Just try it for a week or so and see if it would work for you (I allowed my son to be awake and look at books if he could not sleep, but he had to stay in bed)

Good luck!