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child hollering

how can you stop a nine year old from hollering all the time?

Re: child hollering


Put him out in the garden!!

No - I'm not kidding. We do this VERY occasionally to our son when he needs firm reminding not to behave like an animal. I mean, whinging, loudness etc. We say if you want to behave like a dog - go outside. We leave him on the door step for a minute or so and he comes in a different child. And yes I have done it in all weathers.

We don't need to do it very often and we see it as the less lengthy option of time out. It has very fast results and these are even faster if its raining!

We were confident that he would not run away - he had nothing on his feet, and obviously kept an eye on him discreetly.

You have to remember that you have tolerances with regard to behaviour and remember to reinforce them with actions. Some people smack, hit, chastise with verbal abuse, shout etc. We find this less intimidating as it is short and it did work for us.

It is your home too - make the rules and stick to them.

Let me know what you think.


Re: Re: child hollering

i have done the same thing with my 7yr old and it works really well and stops you getting a headache!!!!!!!!!