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Re: Re: undiagnosed ADHD?

Hi sorry to hear you are having so many problems, I would look at his diet. Low sugar and cut out as many preservatives as possible. A poor diet can send some kids feral. A great Australian site is In Australia there is particularly bad preservative called 282 here which is an anti mould preservative found in breads, refridgerated pasta, cakes etc. I cut this out of my daughter's diet and after a week the improvement in her behaviour was amazing. It doesn't work for every child but certainly worth a try.

On this site there is a diet called the Failsafe diet that is used for kids with ADHD which is very successful for some families. Anyway there is info about this on that website if you are interested.

Good luck and hope this helps.

Re: undiagnosed ADHD?

When I was a kid, it was suggested that I had ADHD but my parents refused to believe that such a condition existed. Many years later I married a teacher that, jokingly, suggested that I had it. Well, long story short, I took a ADHD test, didnt pass it, when to a specialist, and am now taking Concerta. A whole new world emerged after that point. I only wish I had gotten help when I was in school. I look back on it all and wonder how far I could have gone with the proper treatment. To this day, I am still on the medication and doing well.

My wife would never say if a child had this problem or not. She would always say "I am a teacher, not a doctor. My job is to teach, it's the doctors job to diagnose".

The point is, do whatever you have to do to get help for your child if in fact he has ADHD. Dont let him get to where I am now wondering what could have been.