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out of our bed

How do we get our 6 yr old daughter to sleep in her own bed???? If anyone has any suggestions, I'll take anything at this point.

Re: out of our bed

I finally got our 5 year old out of our bed at 4yrs old but it took 5 weeks. I bought him a new bed and bedding and made a big deal out of it. Then I slept on the floor next to him. But each night after the first week I would go back to my bed after he feel asleep. He would wake up and come back to our bed. I would have to force myself out of bed to take him back each night and then lie down next to him on the floor. Kept repeating until he finally stayed. every once in awhile he will sneak back but that is not very often. It is nice to have my bed and husband back! Good luck!

Re: Re: out of our bed

sleep is always the hardest thing with kids, i agree with the last message but you could try sitting on a chair by the bed untill the child falls asleep every time they get up you put them back in own bed and sit on chair very slowly move the chair away from the bed towards the door do this alittle every night soon your child will not only sleep in their own bed but wont need you to be there when they fall asleep. its had to start with but it does work

Re: Re: Re: out of our bed

Thank you so much for your advise!!!! We are going to try this starting today!!!!


Re: Re: Re: Re: out of our bed

hows it going you getting anywhere? it is had to start with im here if you need some support

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: out of our bed

Well, we haven't quit started yet. This week has been crazy. My grandfather is very ill and we have been getting home late. To tired to try! We will definately be starting it by Monday.

Thank you!!