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Should I be worried that he's not talking?

My son is 21 months old and doesn't talk. He communicates, but doesn't talk. He is highly intelligent as he understands multi-step verbal directions (i.e. go into the bathroom and get the fingernail clippers and bring them to mommy - he does it!) I just can't figure out why he doesn't talk. He babbles and makes all kinds of noises - but nothing comprehendable. Any ideas? Should I be concerned or are there just different speeds of development? Thanks for any and all advice!

Re: Should I be worried that he's not talking?

Hi Jen,

It's sometimes hard to know what expectations you should have for children's development. The following is an excellent website that outlines stages of development from 0 -4 years. It includes what you can expect at each age and guidelines as to whether a child is 'out of step'.

This pdf file is on the Northern Territory government website. Basically it says that if you think your child is 'out of step' you should ask a doctor or nurse.