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Re: Re: preschool teacher needs advice

Hi, maybe the answer is actually in your question (if that makes sense). You say he only displays this behaviour when a parent is there - it sounds to me like he is obviously lacking attention from the parent and this is the way he tries to get it. Sometimes children play up and would rather get negative attention instead of positive so that at least they are getting some attention. I think Cathie is right in saying you should speak to the parents about this and point out the fact that he isn't like it all day. Some parents unfortunately don't see this behaviour until it's too often too late and the child is seen by others as a 'brat' - which is a real shame. Good luck

Re: preschool teacher needs advice

If after talking with the parents, the behavior continues, maybe you could talk with the director and ask to be forwarned of the parents arrival. Take the child aside and explain that their parent is there to pick them up. Maybe the extra time to process what is happening next will help. He may be surprised and not feel ready to leave school. Can you come up with an idea of how to turn this negative time into a positive one? Maybe he has a special job to do to help get ready to go when his parent arrives. Maybe he can show his parent what activity he enjoyed that day? Just some ideas...good luck.