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Re: 14 Month Old Time Outs?

Timeout is a good idea for a 14 month old child because they are too young to be reasoned with using spoken language. If you put them in timeout, it shows them that they are not going to win any attention from you by misbehaving. I'd make sure that you keep them in timeout long enough for it to give them a message- I know someone who tried the timeout tactic on a 2 year old but it didn't work because he took the kid out of timeout too early (after only a couple of minutes). Make sure your child is supervised during timeout, but supervised discreetly so they do not think that what they are doing is winning them attention. Good luck!

Re: Re: 14 Month Old Time Outs?

time out is great if you stick to it,it takes time to work. time out should only last for one min for one year of life make sure the time out time doesnt start until she is sat down and staying there. she maybe alittle young for this yet when she throws a paddy you could try putting her some where safe and let her get on with it keep checking on her but DO NOT speak to her she will so learn she gets nothing from it and its awaste of time.

Re: Re: Re: 14 Month Old Time Outs?

Thanks, this helps a lot!!!