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How to stop a 5 yr old from hitting school mates?

My son has started hitting his schoolmates when they "bother him". Since I come from a family whose discipline style was to verbally threatened us or hit us, I am not familiar with anything else that works (so to speak)at this age. I do not hit my son because I didn't like it when it was done to me. Up until now the "redirecting approach" has worked well with him, but he is getting older and needs to understand that hitting is "not OK". How do I handle this at the end of the school day when I pick him up? Your suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Re: How to stop a 5 yr old from hitting school mates?

Try talking to him about other ways to deal with people who bother you. Tell him what You do when someone bothers you. Walk away, tell the teacher, tell whoever is bothering you Stop. Let him know that in no circumstance is it Ever okay to hit people. If talking doesn't curb the behavior, then give him consequences if it continues. Taking away priveledges such as TV, video games, or special toys works. Be consistent and follow through.