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7 yo boy afraid of being alone

My 7 yo son has become very anxious re: knowing where his father and I are at all times when we're home. He's constantly checking to see where we are and wants to know what room we'll be in, for how long, where we'll be next, etc. He doesn't need to be in the same room with us, and in fact sleeps in his own room which is in a different part of the house from ours and his sister's, but there are occasions where he will follow me from room to room. He's happy to go over other kid's houses for playdates, but exhibits similar behaviors there with whatever parent is home. I'm not sure how to handle this. HELP.

Re: 7 yo boy afraid of being alone

Have you tried talking to him about his behaviour and telling him what you have observed. This would need to be done in a casual 'I'm curious' manner. This might help him to express verbally what his fears and anxieties are and provide an opportunity for you to reassure him. If this doesn't help, I suggest asking a librarian about suitable books you can read to him about 'feelings'. There are probably some about 'fears'. Once again reading about feelings and talking about the content in the book, might help him to express his own feelings and anxieties so he no longer feels the need to act them out.