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help! feeding 12 mth old

my son just turned 1 year, and i have been experiencing difficulty feeding him. he no longer wants to eat baby food, and he does not want ANY help with feeding. he has NO teeth (2 are just popping in the bottom) so i am finding it increasingly difficult to figure out what to feed him. he gags on anything that has any texture at all...chicken pieces, vegetables, noodles, anything. he also almost throws up when i try to give him his milk in a cup as opposed to a bottle. i don't want him to live only on cheerios, toast and applesauce! please help! is this normal? any ideas on what foods would be good for him to eat for dinner and lunch so he gets his vitamins?

Re: help! feeding 12 mth old

Hi! You said he gags on anything with texture, but you say he eats cheerios, toast and applesauce so there is hope!!
Try spreading a little pureed fruit, veggies, or even yogurt on the toast. This new independence sounds pretty normal for his age. Even though he won't have much skill yet, you can try letting him use a baby spoon or fork when he eats. He might be so thrilled with the experience, he won't notice if you try to slip him some good food. Mashed bananas are good because they will stick to the spoon when he tries to pick them up.
As for the cup, it just could be that it comes out faster than the bottle and he has to get used to it.
This phase shall pass! Good luck & I hope this helps.

Re: help! feeding 12 mth old

It may be worth taking him to a doctor- I've been told by my parents that I began to refuse milk at 13 months old and it was discovered that I was allergic to milk, which explained why I vomited so much as a baby (the doctors had put it down to reflux). It may not be the texture of the food that is bothering your son, it may be an allergy or intolerance to a particular chemical that happens to be present in the foods he is refusing. It was later discovered that I was allergic to the protein substance in milk, not the lactose- it is possible your son has an allergy to a specific protein. Good luck!