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6 yearold wont't poop toilet

I have a 6 year old girl who i've had trouble toilet training from day 1, she didn't pee on the toilet til she was 5 and now at nearly 61/2 can't get her to poop on the toilet. She will only go in a pullup or diaper. I have tried not letting her have the pull up but she will just hold on for days and end up with a sore stomach and constipated. Have had her to the pediatrician and there is nothing physically or psycholigically wrong with her, except that she is just stubborn and defiant! I have tried everything from rewards, taking away priveledges, TV etc and even changing her own pants and cleaning her self up up, she still won't poop on toilet. Even seeing her younger sister do it isn't enough to encourage her to go! Has anyone else got child that age who is doing the same thing? Sorry post is so long but i seriously need some good advice on this one before i go insane!!!!