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Re: 3yr old behaviour


I would look at his diet. Low sugar and cut out as many preservatives as possible. A poor diet can send some kids feral. A great Australian site is In Australia there is particularly bad preservative called 282 which is an anti mould preservative found in breads, refridgerated pasta, cakes etc. I cut this out of my daughter's diet and after a week the improvement in her behaviour was amazing. It doesn't work for every child but certainly worth a try.

If you haven't tried time out then give it a go. You just have to be consistent and don't give in. Don't let your son out till he has finished his time out. If he is naughty one warning then time out, don't give multiple warnings. Put him in a boring room in the house, where there are no toys, tv etc. Ignore him until his time out has finished.

Good luck and I hope things improve

Re: 3yr old behaviour

My daughter is 3 1/2 and went through the biting stage when she was about 2. The biting got so bad that once when she bit me she made me bleed. I tried everything from taking toys to time outs to spankings. The only thing that I found that worked was to bite her back. Not as hard as she had bitten me but just hard enough to leave a little of an impression on her skin, this made her realize that when she used her teeth it hurt and that wasn't nice to hurt others. I told her that if she didn't like to get hurt then neither did mommy. I think she bit one more time after that, I then reminded her what happened the last time she did that and then placed her in time-out. She hasn't bitten on purpose since then. I know it sounds kind of mean but like I said it was a last ditch attempt. Now she knows that biting is mean and it hurts. I hope this story helps you a little bit.

As far as the screaming and kicking thing goes, I think it is just a stage they go through because mine is doing that too.