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Re: 5yr old smoothers cats

Yeah I agree with Amanda, put a stop to this NOW! Don't give up the cats, because that way you are giving in to her behavior. You have to teach her that animals are precious and they have to be treated kindly at all times. Animal abuse to me is worse than child abuse or molestation, but thats just me, I guess because animals are innocent and never want to hurt people, they are our friends and cant comprahend that some people are just mean....and when an animal gets hurt, it doesnt know why the person did it. Animals deserve no harm done to them, and you have to stop this immediately, whatever it takes I have said this since I was a small child, and still say it now...If I saw an adult brutally abusing an animal, i would literally kill him or her and I mean that. Thats how seriously I take animal abuse. I have always felt that way even since I was about 5, so I'm not exaggerating.