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i am a mother of two and make money online and still have time for family

Make money autosurfing. Read on before you make up your mind. also I will post a link to the got paid forum so you can see some of the members who have been paid so you can see how much you can earn with this program. to see my payouts click here! im a newbie though

what is 12dailypro?

12daily pro is an auto surf site where you get paid to surf the web. You simply log in to their site and Click on “start surfing”. You surfing will then start and will automatically surf all 12 sites that you are required to surf. The cool part is that you really don’t even have to be there at your computer. I usually click on start surfing and then go eat dinner or take a shower!

How much profit do I make?

You make 12% daily of what you put in. So if I purchase one $6 upgrade, I will make 12% of this each day which equals $0.72. When my upgrade expires (on the 12th day) I will have made 44% profit. Profit is what I am paid at the end of the week minus what I put in.

got paid page...

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tiara lemay